Pangasius export to the EU in 2013

( Untill the middle of December 2012, Vietnam pangasius industry earned US$407.1 million from fish export to the EU, showing a decrease of 16.2 percent over the corresponding period in 2011. In which, the deepest fall was seen in three key single markets in the region, including Spain (-17 percent), the Netherlands (-18 percent) and Germany (-35 percent).

Spain was the largest importer of pangasius in the EU, but the country showed the strongest decline in value. At Mercabarna whole market, pangasius products quoted at higher price in the last months of 2012. Some wholesalers predicted that the fish price would remain at this level through the first quarter of 2013.

In general, EU import of Vietnam pangasius in 2013 is forecasted not to get recovery soon because low demand from the market and low domestic supply of raw fish for processing. However, earnings from fish export to the EU may not fall deeper than that of 2012.

Trade with the EU kept plunging mostly due to public debt crisis in the region, which discouraged fish importers and retailers. As the result, they just imported a limited volume of fish products to satisfy consumption. Moreover, local importers tend to be hesitant to buy more fish for inventory like what they did in previous years.

According to Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, debt crisis in Euro zone has still been the most concern for pangasius industry and other food sectors. In short-term, Southern Europe countries will see decline in the value of seafood import, including pangasius products traded in supermarket chains. In contrast, import volume is predicted to remain stable.

European consumers have trend to turn to whitemeat fish with reasonable prices. Regional supermarket chains are trading more frozen fish fillets than other traditional fresh fish thank to its stable supply and cheaper transportation costs.

Fish consumption is expected to recover in Eastern European countries like Poland, especially for lower-price whitemeat fish products like tilapia and pangasius. So, imports of whitemeat fish into these markets is going to soar in 2013.

Despite many negative impacts of European economic downturn in 2012, shipment to the EU still represented the largest proportion in earnings from pangasius export. The fish export is hoped to remain the level in 2013.

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